Companion Care

Health & Comfort Home Care strives to allow your aging loved ones to remain in their home for as long as they want to and are able. Our Companions help prevent the isolation often felt by an elderly person living along in their home. Companions also provide essential safety oversight for the client during daily living and are helpful in running errands like grocery shopping or doctor appointments.

Our New Jersey Companions can provide accompaniment to outside functions like shopping or attending important events like weddings. Companions can also remind your loved one to take their medications, avoiding over or under use of prescriptions. Health & Comfort Home Care Companions will keep your loved one company thru conversation, discussing news/local events, scrapbooking, playing cards, singing, reading and other hobbies. Our professional NJ Companions can prepare a light meal, go for walks with your loved one, visit the park or just enjoy the outdoors with them.

Some more of the things our NJ Companion Services can do with your loved one:

  • Accompaniment at doctor appointments
  • Running errands
  • Assist with keeping up with correspondence (write letters, send cards)
  • Play cards or board games
  • Help teach computer skills

By having a homecare companion your loved ones are able to enjoy a better and fuller quality of life! Typically with the elderly isolation becomes a problem. By hiring a New Jersey Home Care Companion your loved ones will enjoy the company of an adult and avoid loneliness. It also gives you peace of mind that someone has gone to their home to check in on them while keeping them company.

When family is not able to be there, home care companions observe and take note of changes in the client’s condition or situation and are able to provide supervision in case of an emergency. They are often the ones who contact first responders in an emergency.

Health & Comfort Home Care’s Companion Care provides the elderly with the necessary human interaction to feel safe and secure in their home. Our clients look forward to their companion’s visits and enjoy the relationship that develops between them.

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