Benefits of an Independent Living Community

Independent living communities are a great option for seniors post retirement. These communities are designed for very healthy and active seniors who can take care of their day to day tasks without needing assistance or constant monitoring. Staying in independent living facility seniors can make their own schedule and participate in community events as they please.

Independent living community benefits include:

  • Residents are not responsible for maintenance including indoor, outdoor and common areas. Seniors can spend time doing more enjoyable activities than fixing problems around their home.
  • Communities tend to have planned activities and events that allow residents to socialize with others.
  • Many facilities provide an all-inclusive rent, with internet, tv, phone, heat, electric and water all included. This saves residents the worry of having to watch or pay the bills.
  • A lot of independent living facilities offer great amenities like fitness centers, wellness programs, spas, pools and gyms. Having all of these facilities available in one place makes it easier to enjoy them.
  • While communities don’t offer care, if a resident needs emergency assistance, it is always close by. Independent living communities give family the peace of mind that their loved one is safer than at home by themselves.

Residents of independent living communities who need in home care can call on Health & Comfort. Our skilled nurses and home health aides are trained and educated to treat a wide variety of conditions and diseases all in your own home.  At Health & Comfort we recognize that every day at home is a blessing and will help provide your loved one with a better quality of life. To learn more about Health & Comfort Home Care, contact us through our website by clicking here, or by giving us a call at 732-246-8555.