What Makes Us Different

Proactive Approach To In Home Care For The Elderly & Disabled

We chose the name Health and Comfort because it personifies our focus and our promise to you; your loved one’s health and comfort is our sole priority. By hiring the very best certified home health aides and combining that with our unique technological solutions, we take an innovative, comprehensive and proactive approach towards at home care for the elderly as well as for individuals who required assistance to live in their homes. This unique combination of process and resources allows us to identify and solve any potential issues associated with the individual customized home care plans that we implement for all of our clients.

Our proactive and customized in-home care approach allows us to:

  • Significantly reduce healthcare costs associated with providing in-home healthcare services
  • Identify and address any and all potential problems early and prevent complications that are associated with providing in-home care for seniors as well as for individuals who require help or assistance in order for them to continue comfortably living in their own home.
  • Avoid unnecessary hospital or physician visits which are not only costly but also affect the quality of life of our clients due to the logistics and traveling associated with having to travel to medical facilities.

You and your loved ones deserve the very best personalized care and we believe in using state of the art medical and homecare technology to ensure our client’s feel comfortable and safe in their own homes at all times. If deemed necessary and with your approval, medical monitoring devices and technological solutions are utilized to strengthen our commitment and focus on the health, comfort and overall well-being of our seniors and disabled clients.

Home Care Technological Solutions

It is our technological services and solutions that truly sets Health and Comfort Home Care Agency apart from all the other homecare providers in the New Jersey area. Our experienced in-home care givers and at home care givers along with our proprietary mix of home care technology allows Health and Company Home Care Agency to give you and your loved one that extra level of comfort that you expect.

Our at home medical care devices can help with:

  • GPS mobile tracking and monitoring
  • Detect when a senior of individual with disabilities has fallen
  • Automatically and manually trigger via a button an instantaneous emergency notification
  • Accurately dispense and manage medication to ensure accuracy and safely administer the correct dosage of prescriptions.

Geriatric Care Managers, Senior Care Managers and Elderly Care managers

Health and Comfort Home Care also affords our senior and elderly clients the ability to work hand-in-hand with our Geriatric Care Management Services, comprised of an exceptional team of experienced social workers and nurses with extensive knowledge of caring for senior or geriatric patients both as a visiting home care aid or as a live in home care aid. Geriatric Care Managers facilitate, advocate and navigate you through the many complications of aging. Our Geriatric Care Managers are aging experts and can help you with day-to-day household duties or long-term care planning.

24/7 Multi-lingual Central Monitoring Station

Staffed by trained healthcare personnel, you can rest easy knowing that someone is always there.

To learn more about Health & Comfort Home Care Agency and our in home care services, contact us through our website by clicking here, or by giving us a call at 732-246-8555.